How to get Client ID?

Configuration Used

heartrate profile

Redirect URL

Expires in
2592000 Seconds

About Fitbit Intraday Heart Rate Service

Through the Fitbit App, you can view heartrate information only in 5-minute intervals. However, your tracker is capturing your heartrate every few seconds.

The service available on this website allows you to connect to the Fitbit website and get your Intraday Heart Rate Data. You can:

  • Get detailed heartrate data from Fitbit Website
  • View the data on a chart and export it to an image
  • Export the data in Excel format

More information on why this service was created is available at

The code is open source and you can setup a service for yourself on your server. Download it from GitHub at

Privacy Information

The heartrate information is sensitive and not something you would want to disclose to anyone. Fitbit also prevents third party developers from accessing the heartrate data. By using this service, you

  • Setup a special developer account at Fitbit and generate your own credentials.
  • Do not provide any identifiable information except a 'Client ID', which cannot be linked to your account, and you can also delete it from the Fitbit Website.
  • Authenticate only through your Fitbit credentials.
  • Save the heartrate data along with your Client ID on this website, also to enable historical data review.
  • Have an option to setup your own service on your server without sharing data with anyone.

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